A Confusion of Creels ( from Crail)

A Confusion of Creels ( from Crail)

What a delightful piece of work. And what patience!! How on earth you have achieved all those realistic looking nets in watercolour, I can't imagine. It must have taken you forever. Well done, it's lovely, and an unusual subject too.

This is brilliant Val ! How did you manage the nets ?!!! wonderful colours and I love the granulating pigments. No problem about using masking fluid, many fantastic professional watercolourists use it and tell you how in articles about them. It's the end product that matters !

Thank you Ann and Avril. It was the nets that took all the masking fluid and a lot of patience LOL

Brilliant detail that needed a lot of patience - lovely painting

I like this very much Val, the detail you have managed to capture in this piece is super, don't worry about the masking fluid being used, it's the end result that matters, and this one is another nice and interesting piece from an area I love to paint in as well.

Oh Val, I love this one and so very nearly missed it!! Can't see the point of not using masking fluid if it works so well as it clearly does in this one!!

These colours are stunning, and thank goodness for masking fluid. How long did this take? Love the granulation around the base. I will look at this again.

This is beautiful, Val. I admire your patience and the result is super. Well done!

Beautiful painting Val, I love the composition and colours, very well painted

You'd have had the devil's own job doing this in watercolour without masking fluid, so no apologies are called for! I saw a painting years ago, of just one creel, in which oil pastel had been used for a broadly similar effect - rough and ready compared to this. I like it - but always feel sorry for the critters trapped within them....I've had sympathy for lobsters ever since one clambered out of a customer's shopping bag and advanced towards me over the counter some 40 years ago; sorely tempted to rescue it, but couldn't. Oh, the guilt!

Super work Val and such lovely colour.

Thank you all for taking the time to look and leave such lovely comments. Lynne, I think it took about 4 hours in all but I do have a husband who insists on chatting to me when I'm trying to paint so I'm not too sure.LOL Oh Robert, the fate of that poor lobster.........

Val this is superb, I love it! You must have such patience to do all those nets so well, but it was worth all the effort for such a lovely result :)

Val, this is really stunning! Such gorgeous, clear colors and such superb arrangement of a difficult subject!

Thank you Lesley and Seok, your comments are very much appreciated.

very colourful painting with a great composition.

Apologies for late comment Val, I've been away....Edinburgh, oooooohh the galeries!!! There's some work in this painting Val, but your patience has paid off because it's a stunning work...love it!

Lovely ,light and airy picture. Well done :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Hooray, a painting that started off as watercolour and actually finished still a watercolour , nothing else added. LOL From a photo I took of a jumble of creels leaning against the harbour wall at Crail in the East Neuk of Fife. I wish I could say I didn't use masking fluid in this but I'm afraid I did, rather a lot of it! Thanks for looking.

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