Sunset over the River Forth

Sunset over the River Forth

Absolutely stunning Val. You are so brave with colours. This is so effective. The Wallace monument gives it scale and is that Stirling Castle in the middle?. The reflections in the water are absolutely beautiful. I've seen a similar sunset from the other side of the Forth. I could really happily live with this on my wall

Vibrant, exciting, very bold painting! How you achieve this so brilliantly in pastels amazes me!

Beautiful painting Val, I love your palette colours, great reflections

Very bold colours without being gaudy and I love the glossiness of the whole thing - almost like a batik painting on silk - gorgeous.

Nothing to add - it's all been said above - great painting

Thanks everyone, hope it didn't hurt your eyes too much LOL

Love that vibrant sky Val. I like these colours , I don't think they are too bright.

Very striking painting Val, love your palette.

Beatiful work Val

Wonderful colours - so vibrant and glowing. I really like the touches of white which emphasis the strength of the other colours. Beautifully done.

This is lovely, Val. I love the colors, and the light. Just beautiful!

Hang on Studio Wall

Sorry, another one of mine where you might need sunglasses LOL The River Forth from Cambus looking towards Stirling and the Wallace Monument ( far right, and with a little artistic licence as it is slightly larger than it is for real at that distance). Reference was a photo taken by Angus Turner who kindly gave his permission for me to use it.

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