Fly and Skye

Fly and Skye

Val, what a beauty, the markings are smashing - very well done. I really can't see anything wrong with it. When I clicked on it struck me as such a lovely painting. Both of them look as though they haven't got a bad bone in their body. Best wishes Jeannette x

What a nice picture. These dogs look so gentle. Very well done.

This is beautiful the only thing I can see is the left dogs body looks too fat, if you take that down and add a deeper shadow, if the dog is large then excuse my comment Val, other than that it is a beautiful painting where you have captured the dogs charactures.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 50cm / 40cm. Portrait of my two dogs. Skye on the right is a rescue blue merle collie, very timid but once you've gained her trust she's very loyal and extremely affectionate. Fly on the left is the most laid back dog I know, anybodys for a cuddle and hasn't got a bad bone in his body. When I took this photo I thought the painting was finnished but something keeps bugging me about it and I'vesince done a little more but still not entirely happy. I'll put it away out of sight for a few weeks and then go back to it. hopefully it will hit me exactly what I need to do.

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I am a self taught artist or, as I like to say, I'm "unrestricted by formal teaching" which probably explains my mish mash of styles. I paint in most media, watercolour, gouache, oil, coloured pencil and my favourite, soft pastels. I'm inspired by the Scottish landscape, nature and animals and…

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