Encaustic Wax Seascape

Encaustic Wax Seascape

Trying something can be quite daunting - about to try acrylics today - outside my watercolour comfort zone - just hope the result is as interesting as this which rather appeals to me.

I agree with Michael. I really like like this. It stands out so don't delete it.

Don't delete this Val they are lovely.

It's lovely! Really inspiring.

Thank you Michael, Dawn, Karyl, Louise and Roasalind. I can't really take any credit for these as I'd never tried encaustic before and it was a sheer fluke how they turned out. Good fun though.

Certainly not rubbish and you can post as many as you like as far as I am concerned - such a super effect, so artistic and inventive. Beautiful design. Nice to see something completely different.

Love the seagulls on this one.

Thanks again Carole and Thea X

Hang on Studio Wall

Had really good fun at my art club tonight and here is a couple of examples of my very first attempt at encaustic art. Rubbish I know but it does you good to try something different. I won't clog up the site with them for long I promise, they'll be deleted before the end of the week :)

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