Sunlight on the Lily Pads

Sunlight on the Lily Pads

Do like the colours here especially in the central bottom leaf - not quite so sure about the top leaf but all in all a great piece Val

Lovely colours Val, I like your shadows of the stems and the pink leaf in front makes it stand out.

Just lovely Val, I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with pencils, just cant seem to get the result I want.

Can't see any disaster here, Val. The colors glow and the entire piece is very well composed and attractive.

Really like this one Val, especially all the shadows.

Many thanks ladies and Michael, don't think my oil pastels will be wearing out any time soon though LOL. Back to my first love, soft pastels :)

However you achieved it, it looks good!

I thought you said you weren't an expert in oil pastels Val! Well this looks pretty good to me. Seems you are having a creative time at the moment. It's good fun tho' to try something different.

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This was an attempt at rescuing a disaster. I read somewhere that coloured pencils worked well on pastelmat so I thought I'd give it a try. Unfortunately I chose a black piece of pastelmat so the pencils didn't give the the depth of colour I wanted. ( Should have known that shouldn't I? ) Anyway I decided to try and revive it by blowing the cobwebs off my box of oil pastels and giving them a go. This is the result. The bottom half is oil pastels over CP's and the top half is pure oil pastel.

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