Raindrops on Rhoddies

Raindrops on Rhoddies

That makes me want to sing "and whiskers on kittens" :-) I like the raindrops, they do stand up on the petals but I think the stamens need a bit more definition to differentiate them from the raindrops. Colours and shadows are lovely.

Thanks for your comments. I agree about the stamens but they suffered because I was concentrating on trying to make the raindrops realistic. I might have another go at it. Just checked out your gallery, you have a real feel for animals. I love the dogs expression in your pencil sketch. Well done.

Val, If you can paint these raindrops, you can paint a bottle!! Thank you for your lovely comments on my still life. I painted this one in Acrylic, I knew if I painted it in oil I wouldn't have the patience and wait for glazing. Whereas with acrylic the drying time is so quick. I really enjoyed painting it. Anyway I love your raindrops on your rhododendron. I can understand your concentration on them. And perhaps not affording the stamens the same treatment. well done. Jeannette

Thank you for your lovely comment on my Lioness/giraffes. I’ve just been browsing through your work and I think it’s all fantastic. I especially love this painting. The colours and tones are magnificent. I can’t fault it in any way. Keep up the great work.

Beautiful oil, the raindrops are really good, love the colour of this.

Hello Val, your contact prompted me to come see your work, thankyou for that also - delightful! For what its worth I agree with first comment about stamens, and am surprised that you have tackled this very difficult subject in oils - if you had not said so I would have thought it in Acrylics or Gouche. Easier to handle in such a polished and realistic method? I like it a lot - it would also lend itself to other materials such as ceramics, batik or fabric print? Now going to see the rest. P

Been working on trying to get this water droplet effect for a few weeks now -not a lot of success so far but will keep going - inspiration here - thanks.

Love this Val - water beads look great

This is lovely. I bet it looks great at its real size. Many thanks for your comments - not sure about a tattoo, I love them on other people, I think I would be to scared.???

This one is particularly good as well,i must try to do some flowers in pastel.

Beautifully painted especially the rain drops.

i love your flowers,

Hi Val I have just been looking up your website, and enjoying have a little vote. I think your work is great. I love this flowerhead, and think it might have been a little fun painting the raindrops. Your poppy seedhead is also wonderfully described, well done! And thank you for all you kind comments on my gallery of work, happy painting!

Excellent flower painting.Very delicate work.Best regards Paul. Thank you for your very kind comments on my wolf painting very much appreciated.

Still bowled over by your skill. Thanks for your comment on my eagle, you're really kind as well as so talented, best wishes, colleen PS Please put your eagle up, I'd love to see it!

love your work , i have been sitting waiting for one of the drops to fall

Your flower paintings are lovely Val, Does it take you long? I have no patience. I don't agree about the stamens. At the moment there is a perfect balance between light and dark (two thirds/one third) and I feel another dark area would tip the balance in the wrong direction.

This is sensational Val ! what great work in composition and colours.

Val i have been looking at your work. I think that you have painted some beautiful pictures. I think like me that you like colour?

Thanks Carol, yes I do like colour, that's what makes a painting for me.

Simply beautifully done...what patience and skill you have. I love looking back at your gaallery. It always gives me a nice feeling when you leave a comment for me...thanks for 'Kitten' comment. I can remember at school I always wanted to be the monitor who gave the pencils out ...I always picked the longest, cleanest, newest and sharpest one there!! ...I must have been a very selfish monitor, but I just loved those fat round pencils...

just started to peruse your gallery and had to comment on this painting. BEAUTIFUL !! and so cleverly painted.congratulations.

And if you cry, my heart shall faint, as your tears pearl soft, past lavender lips. Luscious jewels upon velvet. Magnificent!

Hi Val another stunning work, I am useless at flowers. My wifes son has red her as did her sister and her son, were your in-laws Arthur Benjamin and Nancy by any chance. He had blonde hair and his sisters had red hair. I think this Painters-Online is a wonderful idea, instant critiques are very helpful.

What a brilliant painting or should I say Paintings. A fine gallery.

Thanks for your comments on my lifeboat station. I will post some more of Swansea and gower soon for your memories. Loved the vibrant feel of this painting. Your raindrops are a triumph.

A little jewel Val! Love it!

This is a lovely painting, I like the subtle lilac colours, and you've captured the realism of the rain drops well. A good composition.

This is stunning flower portraiture Val.. I have enjoyed looking through your gallery of lovely paintings.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 25" / 21". Painted from a rhododendron in my brothers garden 2007. Enjoyed the challange of trying to paint raindrops but still not sure they don't look like some form of fungus growth instead. www.valkenyon.co.uk

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