I love this Val and it 's nice to see that I'm not the only one to use an unusual support for painting on! Your Monarch butterfly is beautifully painted.

The name 'The slate night' sounds a bit rough..LOL..and interesting! The result is lovely and so unusual!

What an original idea, Val. Beautiful execution of the flower and butterfly. Well done.

Thank you Christine, Louise and Mia much appreciated.

I think this image goes very well on the slate - almost as if the butterfly had landed on it. Lovely idea and it makes a super painting.

Lovely work, Val. I love the dramatic vibrant colors against the neutral gray of the slate, it's so very effective.

I love how you have done the butterfly it really stands out.

Hang on Studio Wall

Thought I'd post this to keep Christine's butterflies company :) Painted in acrylic gouache on slate at the "slate night" last night at the art club. Not sure I'll be painting slate again but I enjoyed this as a one off. This was one of just three spare slate tiles hubby kept as standbys for the cottage so you never know I might have a butterfly on my roof at sometime LOL We already have a pot rabbit cemented to the chimney pot !

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