The Trossachs

The Trossachs

Val this is a glorious painting, I love it! Especially how the colours interlock to form the landscape. Great recession and the foreground trees really grab your attention. Good luck with the open studio preparations.

This is lovely Val, it reminds me of travel posters of the 1930/50's and also the landscape paintings of Brian Cook. Hope the 'open studios' goes well!

I like this painting a lot. Great colours slightly exaggerated in intensity, shapes moving toward abstractions but still retaining a real feel for the view, with aerial perspective. Well done.

Great painting Val, love the way the landscape has almost become a jigsaw of colours - works really well !

Fabulous, Val. Others have already explained why, so much better than I could, but this really jumped out and sang joyfully to me...looking forward to the next one, and good luck with the open studios.

I agree with everyone. Really lovely Val,

I love this Val, really super warm colours in the foreground and cools in the distance, and some super trees and twigs. Brilliant, I think it's one of my favouites!

I always do - or more usually, say - something silly when I've had a stiff drink: so take care.... Great painting, with the lovely creaminess of gouache punctuated by the sharper marks of pen and ink. Like you, I'm trying to move away from realism, strictly interpreted: not sure I'll have quite this much success in contriving it, though.

This is a lovely piece Val - it just sings - I agree with all thats been said

Thank you Fiona,Christine,Crispian,Debs,Jane,Petra,Lesley, Robert and Michael for your welcome generous comments. I enjoyed playing around with this one. Robert, if you are going to leave me such nice comments after a stiff drink then please have a few more on me :)

A brilliantly successful departure from your usual style. If I had half your ability with colours I'd be happy.

I really like this, Val! It's a departure from your usual work, but it's interesting, well composed, well executed, it has a stunning palette and there's great use of positive and negative shapes. I hope we get to see more!

I've only just found this Val and I think its great! Glorious colours totally unrealistic of course (and its clearly not raining) but you have beautifully represented this lovely part of Scotland in a novel and imaginative way. Best wishes, Terry PS And you've tempted me to have a go with gouache!

Sorry I'm a bit late but thank you Diana and Seok. Terry, you've got my day off to a great start with your lovely comments, thank you so much.

Hi Val I love your Trossachs painting - good route to go down. I have posted 2 old Castle Stalker paintings which were a bit of a disaster as you alluded to your effort the other day. Might go back and give it another go soon. I too find a stiff drink ie malt whisky helps after a a productionless day. Posted

A gorgeous painting Val!!, just love the colours and tonal values.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted mainly in gouache but with pen and any other bits and pieces I could lay my hands on. Trying to get away from "realism" and exercise my imagination for a change. This, and another piece I'll post later in the week, was done as a bit of R&R amidst the hectic preparations for our local open studios. Two and a half weeks to go and panic is setting in, I'm thinking " too much to do and too little time to do it" . Think I need a stiff drink LOL

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