Val,This is a lovely painting in oil. I know what you mean about Camellia's I have a couple in my garden. I am an avid gardener so I really do appreciate your subject. I love the leaves. Jeannette

Many thanks Jeannette, that is a real compliment coming from somesone who paints brilliant flowers herself. Regards Val

You have captured the delacasy of this flower, very well done.

An elegant single it.

Thankyou for your kind comments.I particularly like this painting,good sharp detail and nice colour,once again many thanks.

The leaves! fantastic

Hi Val, just spotted this one on the random gallery on the right. A fantastic flower painted with beautiful colours. I like the black background.

This is amazing - beautifully painted leaves. I also like 'a

This is amazing - beautifully painted leaves. I also like 'a

Sorry about the last sentence - it should read, I also like 'after the rain' your new poppy pic.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 28" / 23". Commissioned painting of a camelia which flowers in my garden early every year. I look forward to its appearance and have painted it over and over again in various mediums.

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