Gladioli in the Doldrums

Gladioli in the Doldrums

Snap, I am at the moment using col pencil for the same reason Val. I am trying to do a black parrot tulip from a photo of my daughter's. Your painting is beautifully drawn and such delicate colour. ps. could this be a gladioli? ;o)) or is it me!

Oooops, thanks Carole, thank goodness for the edit button. Goodness knows why I called it an iris, it is indeed suppose to be a gladioli, I'm happy you recognised it though :) These senior moments are getting far too frequent these days LOL.

I love the colours you have used and it makes a beautiful composition. I have never really had any success with coloured pencils, but you are an inspiration.

Very nice drawing Val.

Love it, I'm a detail freak as well, although trying to loosen a bit. I think I'll have to try coloured pencils. I have some, but never seriously tried them, must give them a go.

You have my admiration Val for producing such a beautiful detailed work like this, from coloured pencils. I have tried them but everything turned out clumsy and childlike. How were Runrig by the way, or need I ask?

A lovely delicate detailed drawing Val, I have a large box of 72 Derwent Colour Soft Pencils, I have never had the courage to use them but seeing what you and Carole have produced has inspired me to give them a go - maybe!

Double snap - having a very lean time of it at the moment on the painting front, so perhaps I should get out the pencils! However, this lovely painting must have put you back on track as it is very accomplished and works beautifully.

Thank you everyone for your very kind comments. Not quite the vibrancy that Carole achieved in her superb tulip but now I know her secret I'll have to give it a try :)

Fiona, Runrig were great, the weather wasn't ! Very very wet ( it was part of their Summer in the City celbrations Ha Ha ) but not quite as wet as when we saw them at Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness a few years ago, that was a mud bath, the wettest day of the year . Good fun, though I think I'm getting a bit too old for these open air concerts, I'll stick to indoor ones in future LOL

Val, when I went on my course I only had polychromos (waxy not watercolour) I used mostly these to get the detail. It works but you cant take it off if you make a blunder like I usually do ;o)

Beautiful painting Val

Lovely work Val and a great title!

Many thanks Larry, Petra, Debs and Glennis I really appreciate your kind comments.

Beautiful and elegant, Val!

many thanks Seok

Hang on Studio Wall

Whenever I feel in a rut or lacking inspiration (and time) I get out my coloured pencils. This is my latest drawing of a poor specimen of an gladioli from the garden, they didn't do very well this year. This one was dying in front of my eyes faster than I could draw it. Thanks for takeing a peek.

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