Dog Tired version 2

Dog Tired version 2

Lovely sleepy dog Val! And well done you on getting works including this one into a Gallery, this works super on the black background, it's shows off the lovely long coat

I agree with Ros, the dark background works really well. I really like how you've captured the texture of the fur, like your colours also.

this is rather lovely. I'm not surprised the gallery took it.

The dark background allows us to concentrate more on the sleepy dog - and I like sleepy dogs so certainly like this - snag is, the horrors wake up all too soon and want to go out again: although, we had a dog with very fixed views on bed-time. You'd be sitting watching a late film, and her head would come round the door-jamb fixing you with a keen glare you couldn't ignore: "It's bed time! Time for snoozes! Come on!". And off to bed you'd just have to go .... she slept in our bedroom, on top of me when she could get away with it - all 9 stone of her.....

You've certainly made some good marks with those pastel pencils. What a super well drawn coat he has. It looks so thick!

Love it Val, don't wake him up , he will want to go out again.

Great news about the gallery Val - I'm not suprised they loved it - who wouldn't!!

I love this version too. What a beautiful silky coat he has and which you have depicted brilliantly.

What lovely comments! Thank you Ros, Mark, Dawn, Robert, Louise, Karyl, Debs, and Avril. Alas, poor Sam, my daughters dog, is no longer with us, he's now sleeping in doggy heaven.

I loved he last one and I love this one Val. He looks so content.

This is beautiful too Val, he looks gorgeous! Hope he finds a home ;o)

Thanks a lot Fiona and Carole, much appreciated.

It's lovely Val. I'm sure there'll be loads of takers!

I do like this one - very relaxed and chilled dog. Nicely done, Val.

Thank you Seok and Thea for taking the time to leave such nice comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

I was never really happy with my first version so I thought I'd have another go, in pastel pencils this time and no pebbles! A gallery that takes some of my paintings loved it so I must have done better this time:) It's now awaiting a new home, fingers crossed. Thanks for looking.

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