Frosty Morning Gartmorn Dam

Frosty Morning Gartmorn Dam

It's looking gorgeous Val, it's strange weather at the moment, I expect it will be frosty again soon, saying that it was very cold here last night with a touch of frost this morning but as long as the days are sunny I don't mind!

This is very successful, Val. Love the cold frosty colours. There is a lot of depth in it. Good work!

I think it's very successful Val, lovely work.

Different from your usual. As Alan has said, very successful.

Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement. There is a lovely little café at this dam and it has been so warm there this last few days my friend and I have sat outside to enjoy our morning coffee. Very continental, not bad for February in Scotland :)

You have captured the feeling of winter. Excellent.

Love the composition , the depth ,the frosty tree and bushes, the icy water, glad the sun is shining today, but this frosty scenery has a great beauty, Val.

Thank you so much Stephen, Annick and Glennis.

It looks fine to me a lovely watercolour Val

Hang on Studio Wall

In comparison to the glorious weather we are having at the moment I thought I would post this watercolour of my usual dog walk from a couple or so weeks ago. I've tried to capture the cold and frostiness of the iced over dam, not very successfully but I thought I'd post it anyway :) Thanks for looking.

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