Monument to the Highland Clearances

Monument to the Highland Clearances

A very successful experiment in my eyes, Val. Really jumped out from the gallery page.

This looks pretty good to me, Val. You've captured the bronzy smoothness of the monument beautifully.

Really impressive Val, I like the tones and the drawing.

Different for you, but beautifully drawn.

Thank you Jane, Seok, Carole and Glennis for your very kind comments.

This drawing has a wonderful solidity about it - almost 3D in effect, which is testament to your skill in shading. Really impressive work. (P.S. As a Scot I identify with what you say about what this statue represents in Scottish history - definitely a time of terrible actions and oppression.)

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This was a bit of an experiment as I was trying out a new watersoluble graphite pencil with some watersoluble pen in the really dark bits.Something I've never done before. Really enjoyed this but now wish I'd taken more time and care over it! The monument is to the Highland clearances situated in Helmsdale, north east Scotland, a shameful time in Scotlands history. I did this from a not very clear photo taken last month. As I said this was an experiment so any tips gratefully received :)

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