Spare Tyres

Spare Tyres

I think it is lovely, like the colours. don't give up on them.

I can understand your reservations about the colours Val, but why not? Of course if they fall short of your expectations that's another matter, but they eloquently capture a very specifically British north-facing quality of light. Is is a telephoto photo? It seems a bit foreshortened.

I've not used the colours but you've certainly made them work here.

As Michael says. It works. I'm not familiar with those paints, but I suspect they are of a type of older generation paints. Please correct me if I am wrong. That would explain to me why some older watercolours seem less bright than nowadays ....

I agree with the above, Val. This is a very good use of those colours. Love the subject too.

Great use of colours that you're not keen on Val and I love the title!

Quite natural colours Val, glad you gave them a second chance. The water and the tyres are very well done. I bought some paints like you did, Daniel Smith 'moonglow' was one and 'piemontite genuine', I was disappointed in them also. Recently I tried moonglow again and I think it is a good dark for background or shadows depending how much you water is added. Anyway, I certainly like your painting such an original subject well spotted.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Kim, my daughter is the photographer in the family and she then challenges me to paint them so I don't know if she used a telephoto lens or not on this one. Probably my poor depiction of it LOL. Carole, glad someone else is seduced by the fancy names of paints though I am now trying to control myself a little better :)

Just love this Val, colours really try my patience as well.

This unusual subject makes a great painting and a nice change from some of the more typical subjects. Beautifully painted as well and as for rude comments - perish the thought, lol!

This is lovely, Val - an unusual subject, but handled with your usual panache.

Hang on Studio Wall

Spare rude comments please LOL An exercise in using colours I've bought then put to the back of the drawer in disappointment. Cobolt Turquoise, always looks a bit dirty to me, and Lapis Lazuli ( a bit weak and nondescript IMHO )bought in a mad fit of extravagance after selling a painting. I hate waste so I thought I'd give them a second chance but still not sure of them :( Thanks for taking a peek.

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