Seeing it on screen I think I've managed to give it a bit of an evil look in it's eye, doesn't look very happy.

Lovely Val, I love the look in his eye :)

Val this is magnificent work, you are a demon with the pencils! Beautiful shading and the look in his eye is just right.

Beautiful drawing Val, and a great looking bird, despite his evil look.

Excellent use of pencils Val and to miss quote lyrics 'He ain't evil - he's a Waxwing'!

A beautiful coloured pencil painting Val, he definitely looks like he's eyeing us up!

This is stunning, Val - just so perfect. The bird has more of a quizzical look than evil to me, as if he is saying 'who gave you permission to draw me'!

The look is just telling us to keep our hands off his berries....it's a gorgeous painting of the Waxwing Val, the first time I saw this bird was in Ullapool, the Rowan trees were full of them chattering away.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. That spot to the left of is head isn't part of the drawing ........I have now cleaned my scanner :)

This is absolutely stunning, Val! I love that gorgeous palette and it's such an elegant piece.

Many thanks Seok, your comments are much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Coloured pencil on Bristol Board. Whenever I'm stuck for inspiration out come the coloured pencils because I can play around quite happily with them. No pressure:) Thanks for looking.

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