Loch Torridon

Loch Torridon

Hi Val, thank you for your comments on my oil. I hope Torridon haven't had the wildfires that we had a couple of weeks ago, it's certainly made a mess. Re; your comment about the snow......we had snow on the hills here last week........but I hope you get plenty of sunshine when you're up so you can treat us all on the gallery with stunning scenes like this one. If not you'll be practising mixing greys and snow scenes!!!LOL

I hope the area has started to regenerate Val because you will be needing a lot of burnt umber if it hasn't, I was amazed at how quickly nature fights back,we get bush fires every year even in the suburbs of Perth ,last year they stopped one a hundred metres from my home, but in a week green shoots were visible on the trunks of the trees, its a nice painting of a lovely place I hope you enjoy your stay.

Hi Val, thanks for your comments on my paintings, I know this area really well youve done a good job, hope you get alot of inspiration on your next trip, going there myself soon. If you see anyone picking "whilks " it might be me

Posted by K 0 on Thu 26 May 19:06:56

Beautiful painting of the water, and a lovely scene.

Really lovely painting

I agree with the above comments, Val, this is a beautifully painted landscape!

Beautiful misty mountains in distance. I like the cloud hovering over the left side mounatain. Lovely painting.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment much appreciated. Kevin, I'll keep an eye out for you whilk picking and Fiona please do a "sun dance" or at least an "anti snow dance" for me before the end of June I don't fancy packing winter clothes LOL William, so glad you escaped the bush fires unscathed.

Recognised this straight away as the lochs of Scotland and I have never been there! So you have obviously done a great job of capturing the area! Jx

Lovely picture - really, really clever

This is a super scene, Val. The water, reflections and rocks are really well done.

Wonderful use of colour. An excellent pastel.

A very eye catching piece of work Val. I must try Pastels one of these days.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted a couple of months ago from photos and sketches taken last year, before the wildfires in April charred the mountainside. Visiting the area again soon so looking forward to lots more inspiration.

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