Watercolour Portrait of a Pair of Swans – An original detailed painting


Wonderful painting and a lovely set of facts about swans.. Thank you and the work is so realistic!

Another stunning watercolour, hard to believe this level of detail can be achieved in this medium.

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The Mute Swan is one of our most familiar water birds. With a wing span of up to 2.2m it is also one of our largest. The painting depicts both the female (pen) and male (cob). They will usually remain faithful to one another for life and share in the duties of raising their young. When the young hatch they are covered in brown down and have short necks….not a bit like their elegant parents! Paul 🎨

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Price: £190
Picture Size: Painting size 28.5cm x 19.8cm or 11.2” x 7.8” Paper size 31cm x 23cm or 12.2” x 9.1”
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Paul Hopkinson

I am a full time professional artist and teach online from my Watercolour Wildlife School https://devonartist.co.uk/ I do love teaching by recording my videos of which I chat all the way through and my members there seem to like the way I teach. Here is a little about how I started within the…

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