Old House, Holborn

Old House, Holborn

Nothing wrong with this Paul, one to be very pleased with.

Thanks Fiona. I am pleased with it. The real test will come when I'm not copying other peoples work.

You're not the only one Paul, I struggle with getting to grips with 'my own style'. I find it much easier to copy other artist work, and like yourself I love Edward Weson and Steve Hall. I think the secret is to keep it simple to start with and practise, practise , practise!!!!! Your gallery is okay, Ithink you're on the right track, I'm no where near your standard.

I like this a lot. Don't worry about style, just do what you want to do. Loose is great if you can do it, but honestly, you don't have to! What matters is YOUR vision, because it will be unique: and that's what you should be aiming for.

Thanks again Fiona. I'm not stressing over defining my own style. As far as I am concerned, anything I produce that isn't a direct copy of someone else's style, has a bit of 'me' in it. There's only about half a dozen paintings in this gallery where I've tried to directly copy someone else's style, so I suppose the rest represent 'my style'. I expect my style to change a lot in a relatively short time as I experiment with different subject matter and techniques. As for your comment about you not being anywhere near my standard, I've just tracked down your gallery and don't agree at all. You've addressed subject matter (like skies, landscapes, and animals) that I haven't the confidence to tackle yet and you've produced some lovely paintings. You've received justifiable praise from artists who know far more than I do about painting and in time I hope to produce paintings that attract similar comments.

Thank again Robert, glad you liked it. As I said to Fiona above, I think only half a dozen paintings in my gallery (including this Wesson we're commenting on) are direct copies of someone else's style. Some are my interpretation of someone else's photo, but most of the more recent one's are based on my own photo's too. Slowly, but surely, I'm moving towards my unique take on things.

Hang on Studio Wall

Based on a Edward Wesson pen and wash. As a kid I could draw better than I could paint and this is more the type of picture I thought I might end up producing after taking up painting again. Mine is nowhere near as loose as his, but glad I had a go.

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