Hi Paul. This is the first time I have posted any comment on this site, and I have yet to display my own work, as I am not yet confident enough. But seriously dude, you're too hard on yourself. This is a brilliant painting, and works extremely well. I'll keep a look out for the original image, and will let you know. I think I'll try and have a go too. All the best!

Hello again Paul. Here's the link for the image ... It's only a 460x276 resolution, so quite small. Good luck.

Here's another link to a Greek site, with a slightly larger image. Good luck!

Gary, Thanks for the information. I genuinely spent ages trying to find this image again and I'm gobsmacked that you found two links so quickly. Thanks again. Do post some of your work on the site. The encouragement you'll get from others will boost your confidence no end.

Hello Paul! My pleasure,sir! Google is a fantastic tool. I certainly will be posting soon. All the best!

Came across this by chance today. It certainly caught my attention and clearly many things went right.

Hang on Studio Wall

My first attempt at anything other than a plain sky. Clearly went wrong. The paper buckled with all the water but I decided to just leave it alone. First time using masking fluid too. Found it difficult to apply because it's so thick. I'll have to try and find a way of thinning it very slightly so I can control it more. This is based on a photo by Louisa Gouliamaki

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