Cornish Calm

Cornish Calm

Nice painting, love the colours and feel.

Agreed, good colours and a lovely view of a Cornish seaside resort rendered in your own style Paul

Thank you Harry and Ros. Harry, I think you may be a new member (forgive me if I'm wrong), so 'welcome' to the site and thank you for commenting.........and Ros, your support is always appreciated.

Delightful and magical. The 'earthy' harbour wall and contrasting white steps are lovely ideas.

Thank you Kim. Really glad you like it.

Oh wow - this is fab - such a well composed picture - I will stop raving about your paintings now.

Thanks Heather. You rave away!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour roughly A4 based on photo by Malcolm Coils on PMP. I liked the composition after cropping photo and wanted to paint a very impressionistic / semi abstract version by keeping the boat, steps and house fronts pure white and glazing layers of flat colour to build up the picture before adding some very loose dark lines and marks to focus on the centre of the painting. There was to be very little detail. But I couldnt decide how to paint the house on the right or a way of breaking up the large expanse of harbour wall. In the end I just decided to forget that idea and get some paint on the paper. Ive kept in a couple of elements from the original abstraction, so if you see anything that doesnt make sense in real life, you now know why.

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