Lady Senore & Baglady

Lady Senore & Baglady

I love your description of the different boats Paul and I love your painting. The boats are well drawn and the colours suite the composition well. It's lovely.

A fresh and bright gallery, Paul. I like the way you handle the light and shade.

This is just super. I like the way you captured the details without the overload. You have a delightful gallery and I had a most enjoyable time looking through it.

Another beautiful addition to your lovely gallery, Paul.

Perfect pen and wash - nice and clean - just as they should be. Love the touch of humour in the boat names as well.

Thank you all very've made my day. I went through the usual agony of whether to show this one or not, but I'm glad I did now. Obviously I appreciate the nice comments, but I'd also welcome any feedback about how to improve any of my paintings. I'll learn much more quickly from people who know what their talking about than from trial and error. Thanks again.

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I took photo's of these boats moored on the Thames near Marlow a while ago, before I started painting. I've only just noticed their names and thought how apt they were. The Lady Senore is clean and polished and sort of 'well to do' and Baglady is big and bulky and looks like she is full to the rafters. I wish I'd noticed their names and been painting at the time, because I'd have given some thought to making more of the contrast between the two boats and how best to bring the two photo's together.

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