Superb! No wonder you get quite a few commissions for your pet portraits!

Aw lovely appealing dog and beautiful painting of it. The fur is so well done too.

oh my this is lovely ... the owner of this dog will love the painting

This dog, and I mean him and you no disrespect at all in saying this, does remind me forcefully of the late Barbara Cartland (she had "the skin of a young girl": hung in the wardrobe, presumably). It's the hair, plus the slightly haughty expression. He certainly appears to be contemplating something very deep and meaningful - it's probably just a biscuit, but even so, it's the look that counts.

Whoever this is for they will be delighted with it I'm could you not be, it's beautiful!

Simply stunning.

I love the expression in his eyes

What a handsome fella! That wet nose and the beautiful brown eyes are very appealing.

Thanks for all the great encouraging comments. My own style of pet drawing is becoming more established now. What a brilliant comment Robert, I kind of know what you mean, he does have a haughty air and I think that quite alot of retrievers do

Hang on Studio Wall

Another Christmas commission. This is Toby, a golden retriever, drawn in conte soft pastels & pastel pencils. Initially I chose this photo to work from because he was looking up and I thought the angle of the large head and increasingly smaller body would be a great challenge. It proved too much of a challenge as I could not fit him on the paper, so I had to revert to a head and shoulders shot instead. He has such a great dreamy laid back expression, so soft and gentle for such a large dog

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