Sri Lanka Sweep

Sri Lanka Sweep (2)

Always good - lovely use of colour

More like "Sri Lanka weep" after the latest test match!! Great picture though, I love the brilliance of pastels

Great work Paulette, such movement .

Terrific pose of him knelt down in batting action, I am impressed with the posture and colours, fabulous!

Hang on Studio Wall

Carrying on with the conte pastels I wanted to see how they would look in one of my cricket drawings. Looked a bit crazy to me so I've decided to do it as a giveaway as I'm not sure about it. Judging by the response on Twitter I think people like it.

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Professional Artist. For 2020 I have decided to focus my work on cricket (which I love) and figure / portrait paintings and drawings. Although I am able to draw and paint birds, still lifes and animals and have been successful selling them I noted that whilst painting them I was forever thinking…

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