Wells Next The Sea

Wells Next The Sea

This is lovely, Jeannette. I really love the colours. The sky and the reflections in the water are just so good.

These colours are very striking Jeanette and the boats are all nicely placed giving good recession. A good sized painting too. PS. Thank you for your generous comment on my latest posting. Carole.

Hi Jeanntte, wowm..another fabulous painting, love the colours you have used, how do you manage to paint sooo, many pics.? im not being very creative at the moment, just cant get in the mood at times, i expect thats normal. LOL,..but not for you it seems. well done this is just lovey. love Rhian. x oooooooooooh!! im so sorry i didn't mean to say...worm,..as thats what it looks like,!!! i meant ...WOW !!!

This is gorgeous Jeannette! I can see how the blurry photograph did you a favor. Great colors, great scene.

This is really lovely Jeannette; the colours are beautiful.

This is beautiful, Jeanette, love the colours you have used. The Norfolk skies are truly wonderful and you have captured the scene just right.

Love the colours, The sky & boats are brilliantly painted.

Love the colours , a lovely painting Jeanette.

Aaaagh, a painting after my own heart Jeannette, superbly done, love your bold colours it looks very much like a watercolour, and one to be proud of. Best wishes, Bill

Cor blimey, here's another one I managed to miss. Another amazing sky, the colours are wonderful. Have you let the burgandy paper show through or is it the effects of the different colours on top of the burgandy ( if you get what I mean) ? Whatever it is, it's another beautiful painting. Just sent you an e mail so you'll know what I mean when I say I have to dash off and and tell him what a DASH of tobasco sauce is. Tobasco sauce, in fish soup, don't ask !!

Thank you so much everybody. Once again you keep me going. To Val yes, using the darker colour paper you can glaze lightly and let the under colour show through. Going from dark to light somehow makes the painting appear brighter. Burgundy is a favourite of mine.

Jeannette thank you so much for the comment on the new Beryl's Green. It worked so much better getting rid of all those trees. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

I think the burgundy paper was a brilliant choice. the other colours aree so vibrant

Gorgeous, moody painting, Jeannette! Absolutely love it! Been looking round your gallery, catching up with your offerings, & am really impressed with the vitality of your work. I hope you're feeling better! Take care, best wishes, colleen

Agree with Val...another one I missed...I'm marooned out in the studio...a cloud burst?...I stopped off to see what you are upto...you have captures the elegant charm of this scene and made a basic scene [unromantic] to a colourful happy romantic image...

I like this. Nice colours and it has a very painterly feel to it. Nice work.

Posted by John Cox on Sun 12 Jul 23:52:35
Hang on Studio Wall

This is a scene from a series of phone photos my Nephew took they were very blurry which did me a favour! My sister visits there quite often a good way of getting photos for reference. 20 x 16 Pastel on Burgundy Coloufix.

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