A beautiful painting Jeannette. I have never tried pastel on velour but it seems to create a wonderful effec... or is it the artist ?

Best of luck to Beth, and your cousin - she will always have this wonderful painting, even if the worst happens.

Beautiful painting,i know how she feels my cat of 17 has a tumour just a matter of weeks...

What a coincidence, I've just sent you an e mail !! This is gorgeous, even though I dislike painting on velour I must admit it suits animals and their fur very very well and you've done a wonderful job with Beth. Heather will love it I'm sure and what a lovely momento if the worst should happen.

Brilliant job, love the fading background.

What a lovely painting, something for Heather to cherish.

Thank you all so very much for your very kind comments once again. They are very much appreciated.

this will be a lovely memory of the dog. What a heartache!

An absolutely beautiful portrait Jeannette. I'm sure it will be much appreciated by Heather. The background is gorgeous too.

This is superb Jeanette, such a beautiful dog.

Hang on Studio Wall

The is Beth my cousins spaniel she is not expected to live - Heather asked me to paint her. I have used pastel on velour. Frame size 20 x 16

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