The stack.


Great stack Denise. Lovely work. ☺️ well done for trying. X

Looks so good Denise, I know you will keep trying and good luck for future attempts.

That is very good, Denise. I believe it should have been selected!!!

Many thanks, Fay, Paul and thanks for the vote of confidence David but I enter with the realistic view that, thousands enter, the quality is of a high standard and, there are only a few places. So, I don't worry to much about it. I'm happy taking part because you just never know.

This is brilliant Denise. Love the reflections and the jaunty composition.

Beautifully observed Denise. Don't worry about not getting paintings accepted for exhibitions, it's all down to who is on the selection committee on the day. Good luck next time.

I think you did a good job of a difficult subject - the teaspoon is particularly well done!

I believe this should have been selected, Denise. It’s cheerful and full of colour and not an easy subject to paint. Well done.

This is so jolly and colourful, should have got in!

Marvellous colours & lighting.

Very impressive Denise. Love the reflective qualities you have achieved. You should have been selected but, on the day, its down to personal choice of the judges, and sometimes it’s really hard to understand why some are selected and others not but well done for trying!

Like it a lot Denise, those reflections are particularly well done

This is so good Denise - I put in some entries but did not got in this year but have had stuff accepted other years - sometimes its maybe down to who entered what in a particular year (though I must admit with my own entries this year they weren't as good as yours) but its always worth having a go and gives you something to aim for - I think I've ground to a halt at the moment and am struggling to paint.

I really like this Denise. The shine on the cups and the way they are arranged is so good.

Thanks very much, Carole, George, Sarah, Ellen, Carole, Stephen, Spencer, Russell, Heather, Hilary, Christine and Rikke. That's just the way the cookie crumbles and I'm so pleased for those who did get through and there is always a fantastic winner.

I do like this Denise; well done! Lovely shine on those cups.

Great work Denise

This is a superb painting

Really like this one, Denise.

This is definitely an eye catcher Denise. Well painted.

This is lovely Denise, I particularly like how glossy the crockery looks.

Nice to see that your painting made it onto the front page of this website, Denise - that's only happened to me once in all the years I've been posting on PoL!

Excellent, Denise!

Lovely vibrant colours. It works.

This is amazing Denise! I first saw it posted on Facebook by POL, so cam here to comment! Well done, it just sings

Hang on Studio Wall

This was one I entered but didn't get through to the competition. Never mind. I'll give it a go next year. Congratulations to all, who got through and well done.

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