Egyptian Vulture.


I really like this critter. Yes, a bit homely. Terrific detail on the mask.

That is superb Denise, excellent detailing in the face.

Very very good. Great detail on the face.

A marvelous beauty Denise well done.

Lovely work 🙂

He's a stunner, can see why you and your father were so impressed.

I didn't expect to get so many replies so quickly, thanks very much, greatly appreciated Skylar, Paul, Richard, Spencer, Rikke, Chris, Faye and Heather.

Saw one last week in a falconry display at Warwick Castle! Lovely bird! And yours is too!

Another excellent piece of work.

Well done Denise, fabulous detail on the face.

Thanks very much Linda, Lewis and Katy.

This is really effective Denise. It is very well done.

Scary looking chap! He stands out well against the black background Denise.

Beautifully painted, Denise, especially all the detail on the face.

Much appreciated Romila, David, Tessa, Christine and Jenny.

Wonderful detail.

Not the prettiest of birds but you've painted him so well Denise.

This is a stunner. Great lights and darks

Not the most beautiful bird, but a beautiful piece of art, Denise. Fabulous.

Hang on Studio Wall

Funny looking but endangered. This clever little bird uses tools such as rock and twigs which is rare in the bird world. I remember my dad took me the Zoo when I was about 7. We strolled along to look at these birds. Mum wasn't interested in them. I can see dad's face now, he was as amazed as I was.

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