Robin on Nettle

Robin on Nettle

That's really lovely Diana - it will make a grea Christmas Card for 2010!

Love this little robin ! So delicate and cold too....

Love this little Robin, he looks just what he is supposed to, light and fluffed up guarding him against the weather, beautifully painted!

Many thanks. I snapped him out of my kitchen window; poor soul looked so cold I went out and filled up the food. It was -10 yesterday, they have eaten every single hawthorn berry and we haven't seen green since 2 weeks before Christmas.

So, so lovely. Well done Diana, he is a little beauty.

A gorgeous little robin with fluffed out feathers. I love the composition you have here. My robin takes charge of the fatty balls, the tits wait till he's moved on then grab a beakfull. I have to leave the food in several places around the garden!

He certainly needs to be fluffed out today. I even had to break ice in our toilet cistern.

Lovely Diana. We too have a foot of snow and I am constantly trying to think what to put out for the ground feeding birds. As you say, we haven't seen green since mid-December! I think this painting certainly sums up what they must be feeling. Agree with Christine - you have next year's Christmas card!

Missed this one. The birds are realy suffering in this weather - nice to see this one looks ok. Lovely painting of this cheerful little bird - really nice way you have depicted the feathers.

Your bird paintings are beautiful. I think this one is my favourits.

Hang on Studio Wall

40 x 30 cm; slight blue filter added to get rid of the yellow of the flash. Can't get out to take a decent photo.

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