Wolf (NFS)

Wolf (NFS)

I know Vivien's work - you really have done an excellent job with the wolf, fur everything about it - those eyes? The course obviously is going very well and it sounds very interesting to me. Could you let me know details? Soft pastel I can work with not good with pencils!

Thank you. Just go to Vivien's website- all the details on courses are on there. This was all instructions via email including photos of each stage and the paper an initial drawing by mail.http://www.vivienwalters.co.uk/

Wow! Just everything is perfect. You have amazing skill with pastels and have captured the nobility of the wolf. Very compelling work - I commend you.

Commend Vivien on a superb original picture and a brilliant course. Now whether I can repeat that in one of my own remains to be seen LOL. If you'd seen the number of times I dropped a black pastel on the clear background and heard the curse as I tried to get the marks off, you would comment differently LOL. It's not as good as hers but I do love it. Think I'll try to make the wolf's right cheek a little less puffy. What I learned most was how to build up the density of the fur. (and how NOT to overdo the laying on of the pastel- gently does it). Now to have a go at one of my dogs as soon as my pack of paper and new set of pastels arrives.

Great start Diana, it sounds a good way of learning to use the pastels. A tip - next time you drop a pastel, use blue tack to lift off the mark, it won't smudge like a putty rubber.

That's what I did; I lightly brushed an loose pastel with a soft brush then used blu tack; well white tack actually.

I really do like this, the fur looks spot on. I must look at Vivien's web site. you never know i might try my hand at pastels yet. Thank you for your comments on my paintings.

Agree with all above, fantastic.

Fantastic picture, I too study with Vivien online, she is a brilliant teacher.

This is lovely. I, too, will look at Vivien's web-site. Thanks by the way for your comments on my "lemons" work - I've been trying to enter the forum but can't get on.

Hi there thank you for your kind comments on my work, i recognize the wolf he is amazing you have done it beautifully, I have just had a lesson with vivien this morning, i need lots of help i think but enjoying it soooo much, i did tufty on her pet portrait weekend course she has an amazingly soft touch, a brilliant teacher.

Matjorie, I hope you see this. You need to register again for the forum. Your gallery log in won't work. You need to sign up separately. Thank you for the other comments. For a first try with pastels, I'm delighted with it but couldn't have done it on my own. I've got some velour paper and some new pastels and fully intend having a go by myself now. If it doesn't work, I'll go back on another course.

I love this. You have captured the character wonderfully. I especially like the way it blends into the background around the edges. Thank you for your kind advice on my 'retriever sketch'.

Oh my I'm overwhelmed by everyone's comments. Thank you so much. You've really encouraged me to keep going with pastels.

Hi Dianne I commented on the blog on this wolf all the above...lovely to see it in a larger size so much more detail

hi Diana, the paper i used for the pastel painting ,(which you very kindly commented on )was an abrasive paper starke p360 , and the pastels , soft type , not sure if it is plockton , many thanks , and best wishes alan

after seeing wolfie ,iam definatly going to do more pastel work . beautiful

This is really lovely work, the fur is great. I have been on Vivienne's web site and I'm very much interested in trying the online course.

Hi Diana, it's the "scarlet pimpernel" here LOL LOL. I have some Conte paper which seems a bit too rough to me, but I really wouldn't know. I have just cancelled SAA, not a lot there for me doing 99% oils, ok if your a watercolourist!! Thanks for info on Velour.

Hi Diana, it's the "scarlet pimpernel" here. LOL LOL. Thanks for info on Velour, I have some Conte paper but seems too rough to me, but what do I know!!. Love that wolf, very good. I have in mind a fox in pastel, but a lot to learn. Recently cancelled SAA, not a lot to offer me as I paint in Oils 99% of the time. Just posted a self portrait, I think my wife is going to hang it over the mantle to keep the kids away from the fire LOL LOL .

This is a beautiful piece of work Diana. Many thanks for your comments on my own work. Like yourself I use pastels and although I have never been to Viviens workshops I highly recommend Vic Bearcrofts.

wow.....amazing gallery......this os stunning..........great fur and expression

This is beautiful Diana, he looks so real you woant to put out your hand and stroke him.

Beautiful work Diana. I did a one-day Pastel On Velour course with Vic Bearcroft at a Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent. Like you, I found the tuition overcame some of the fears/mystique of using pastels but I can't say I'm a huge fan of velour paper - I much prefer the sanded surfaces for my own work - but I do have a lot of velour paper gathering dust here so should get it out and try again :o) Your wolf has inspired me!!

Hi Diana I too have done an e-mail course with Vivian it was of Tiggy her cat but as it was over christmas I finished it on my own because of the snow which delayed some of the instructions. So I got on with as I was impatient and couldn't wait. I will have to post it and let you see.Tell me what you think? I was pleased with the result and sent a picture to Vivien for a critique, which she kindly did. A very good one and she did like what I had done I was so glad she didn't mind.

Posted by Joy Lee on Mon 13 Jun 12:03:06

I forgot to say what a great job you have done with the wolf and I agree with all the comments I think they say it all. I wish you all the best with the next one.Joy.

Posted by Joy Lee on Mon 13 Jun 12:04:51

Diana ,Thankyou for your lovely comment about My Mallard ducks. As you may see later I have now posted my Tiggy (Tabby Cat) with an explanation of what I did last Christmas. You will now be able to see for yourself. I hope you will let me know what you think.Joy.

Posted by Joy Lee on Mon 13 Jun 16:09:46

A wonderful pastel, Diana.

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My first ever painting in pastel; soft pastels on velour paper from a picture by Vivien Walters on her email course. that I signed up for in December. I am extremely pleased with the result and will certainly try more in pastel. This course has cured my fears and my muddy messes.

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