Made for walking?

Made for walking?

Excellent. Lovely strong tones and the lace is so real.

I agree with Avril. You have got the trod down heel just right.

Absolutely spot on drawing - the best you have done to date I think. I don't think you would have got into drawing like this without the input of your course, so you must be very pleased that the course content is challenging you like this to get such excellent results.

I love every picture in your portfolio Diana, but this pulls on my heart strings as I used to draw shoes with the children in Year 6 of the school I worked in, they always made a good job of their own shoes. Your shoe is a very fine drawing.

Goodness thank you all very much. Thea the drawing is not connected with my OCA course. I draw this sort of thing all the time and have done all my life. Sue your post makes me laugh and takes me back to secondary school many moons ago when the first thing we had to draw in Art class was a shoe! They do carry the character of their owner don't they?

Fabulous drawing, I do love an old shoe!

Sorry that I post a comment so late (just coming in from a holiday) and now I see that all the above said it all. I love the "simplicity" of the subject and the drawing is perfect!!!! congratulations.

I love this sketch Diana. It is an excellent piece of observation.

Just catching up on the gallery after a few days' absence - there's been some superb work in the last week, and this is no exception. Entirely endorse all that's been said. As a matter of interest, have you ever used Mars Lumograph pencils, by Staedtler? I found their waxy, deep black 8B a while ago, and if you haven't used it (hard to believe) I'm sure you'd enjoy doing so.

Suer I'm mad Robert LOL; have to be to start on a degree course at my age . I am extremely flattered by your comments; from someone with your ability that means a great deal. Thank you. No I haven't seen those pencils but will certainly have a look for some. A deep dark is extremely hard to do with these without leaving marks in the paper. I do have various sorts of pencils but none of those. I've been trying to use some big graphite sticks but find them too soft.

Hang on Studio Wall

I think these are too far gone for walking. W/N pencils from B to 8B on sketching paper. 12" x 10"

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