Half time

Half time

These oranges look very natural, they make my mouth water!

Definitely has something, Diana. Three and a half oranges...did you refresh yourself with the other half? If not.....WHERE has it gone to??? I'm on the case, and YOU are the prime suspect. Incidentally.....Very very nice.

Mouthwateringly good. Love that deep orange colour.

Diana, the painting is good and the title is the best...

Just one word: beautiful, Diana.... You are so good at everything you paint!!!!

No Ruth, I'm not the culprit at all- my dogs are! They LOVE oranges. I think I have vegetarian dogs! Thank you all, this was fun to do and the colours layered well; unlike the one I'm doing now which has red onions and finding the aliz crimson doesn't want to layer at all.

This is a very good work! it must have taken a long time to paint this in details! You also have kept the luminosity and freshness of the work. Well done.

A lovely colourful painting, How did you go with your degree course, is it finished yet ?.

Just what my son had at his match last weekend, but these look much more appealing.

Many thanks, no Beatrice it didn't take along time, just lots of loose washes and a few squiggles of masking fluid on different layers. William my course went well; all sent in for marking. I should hear around May and will decide then whether to continue. I did find it very restrictive.

Somehow I missed this one. This is a lovely piece, Diana, the piths are so well done, with the nuanced colors and the segments are amazingly realistic. My dogs love oranges too. Actually they love all things edible and a few inedible items as well!

Congratulations, Diana, I just saw on the home page that you have been chosen as one of the best gallery entries of the month. You certainly deserve it. Well done!!

Thank yo ever so much everyone. It didn't stay on the front page very long when I posted it so easily missed. Mia thank you also; it's a great honour to have one chosen. I had one in the very first month they started doing it but nothing since and actually haven't felt any of my paintings since then to be good enough until this one. When I was informed, I guessed it had to be this one as its' about the only one I've been really happy with.

Congratulations Diana!

Hang on Studio Wall

Not just half time break but a break from a particularly annoying oil painting.

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