Almost gone!


Very recognizably your work - glad you see you're using lightfast pens: this needs a frame around it and display on someone's wall.

Wow, thank you very much, Robert for this fantastic comment. Yes, I remembered your comments about lightfast pens, so....

Well done you and for going straight to the pen, not easy!

As said, your pen sketches are excellent and instantly recognisable.

Captured for posterity! Lovely drawing. I agree. Always you use lightfast materials and acid free paper.

Agree with all the comments, lovely work Mia.

Lovely is and definitely recognisable as your excellent pen work.

Excellent specimen Mia, so delicately drawn.

Thank you all very much for those positive comments. I appreciate!

Lovely drawing

Thank you very much, Anne.

Very impressive no pencil sketch first. I have started to use fine libe pens is that the same as lightfast? Your very good at your pen sketches 👌

Thank you very much, Faye. I don't know the pens you mention but you could look them up on the internet or otherwise: make a sketch, cover half of the lines and put it in bright sunlight. After a few days you will see if there is any difference between the two halves.

Many thanks Mia 😊

Absolutely stunning work, Mia! It may be almost gone, but you've frozen its ethereal beauty for all to admire. Your penwork is superb, as usual!

Your comments are always so positive and encouraging, Seok. Thank you very much.

Gorgeous as ever

Thank you very much, Romila.

This is so beautiful Mia, love it.

Thanks Carole, I appreciate!

Hang on Studio Wall

Starting immediately in ink, I made this pen and ink drawing of this fading rose, no pencil drawing first. I used a lightfast, waterproof Unipin 0,5 pen and the details and shadows were added with a Staedler 0,1 pen. Size A4. All comments are very welcome :) Mia

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