Sketch of the B1

Sketch of the B1

LOVE this, Mia! It's so beautifully drawn. The boat is so graceful and I can just see it gliding through the breeze. It's simply stunning.

Lovely fresh sketch Mia.

you have conveyed so much with so few strokes i love your minimal approach.

A wonderful piece of work Mia! So simple, powerful and delicate at the same time. I love it!

Great sketch Mia, clean, crisp and you've said everything you needed to, to capture the subject.

Very pretty. Would work well on a ceramic tile. (I'm thinking of those old blue and white Delft ones)

Lovely ink drawing Mia as always.

A simple sketch but big impact. Stunning.

This is a lovely sketch Mia it really catches the eye. Such a simple composition and yet so striking,less is more, it's great.

Posted by Joy Lee on Sun 22 May 12:49:21

As always, your approach leaves me speechless. A few simple lines, and there it is - a beautiful image. You make my day!

Beautiful in its simplicity.

This is beautiful Mia, great drawing

Wonderful movement in those sails, beautifully drawn as always.

Wow, what an unexpected amount of comments. I have no words to thank you all for taking the time to have a look at my sketch and on top of that, posting such lovely comments! I appreciate very, very much!!!

I have great admiration for anyone who can draw boats as well as this - the last time I tried, I ended up with something that looked like a bath with a pylon growing out of it. I'll try again... Very breezy drawing, great sense of line. As for the details you give about the construction - well that'll teach 'em! There was a reason, usually, for building things in a particular way!

I am always looking forward to reading your comments on my work, Robert. You have a talent with words unknown to me before I "met" you! Thank you very much for your positive comment, I really appreciate.

Love this Mia, you've caught the movement of the boat so well. Thanks for your kind comments in my gallery.

Thank you Paul for your lovely comment.

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A "quick" ink sketch of the B1 (Blankenberge 1). A type of boat the fishermen used before there was a port in Blankenberge. There was no keel, so the boats had to be pulled out of the water on to the beach. There was a new boat built by volunteers a few years ago and because they used the wrong wood (elm), it has to be restored in oak like the original ones!!

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