The thorn

The thorn

Love these Mia, so simple yet so very effective! - thank goodness you didn't post these before Roberts 13 posts [at the last count!!!] or else I might not have seen this one.

Beautifully delicate and very classy work, Mia.

I recognise your work immediately now Mia, very distinctive - delicate and intricate. I finally found your albums and came across one of coloured illustrations - wow - completely different but so beautiful - the little flower people on the swings of twigs were exquisite. What a beautiful story book cover that would make. What a talent you have.

Posted by ali . on Sun 26 Feb 22:48:31

A real piece to be proud of but then so are all your postings - keep them coming Mia

Lovely painting Mia, so delicate

Simply beautiful Mia

Another nice delicate piece Mia, very effective the combination of watercolour and calligraphy, like it.

I love it Mia! Would be a lovely cover page for a book!

Elegantly stylish and as beautiful as ever Mia.

Beautiful Mia, and fantastic calligraphy.

A great combination of techniques - you two work well together!

How lovely this is. You have a great partnership going there :)

A beautiful combination of artistic skills. Delightful.

Thank you ALL so very, very much for your many lovely comments. Yes, I am really happy to be able to work together with this great artist. We have the same ideas about positive and negative shapes on the paper. When making my painting, I always have to consider where he can put his text and I am always very surprised and happy about the final result. Since we "work" together, he went to some workshops only to improve the curly lines in and around my painting-parts!

A beautiful combination, elegant and poignant.

Love this, Mia! So stunningly elegant and well drawn!

Sorry about my late answer but: Better late than never: thank you very much for your positive comments, Lesley and Seok. :) Mia.

Mia! I'm missing your postings! Hope that you are well and looking forward to more of your excellant work :) Take care :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Our latest combination of my watercolour with calligraphy (by Harrie Voet). Free translation: "The thorn receives water because of the rose". I used Conte pencil -Pierre Noire for the drawing and diluted Winsor &Newton Calligraphic Ink for the wash. More info on Harrie's website ""- galerie VI - kalligrafie in aquarellen and in my Blog "Mia - april 2010". Thank you for your comments.

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