Past and Future - stage 4


Simply beautiful

It’s really worked Mia, love the wash in muted colours.

Really well done Mia great mark making and use of color work, I really like the way you have depicted the main head that is so good, can I be so bold and say for me I would have put the bud on the left side of the stem to give the whole thing balance but that is just me, if I could have produced this I would not care which side it was on :)), nice one.

So delicate and beautiful, Mia.

A real attention getter that sprang out of the gallery while I was browsing

Several of these studies framed snd hung together would look wonderful

Thank you all very much for your positive comments. Malcolm, thank you for your comment but I had the rose in a glass in front of me and the bud was on the right side, so I painted it like that. Also, with the bud on the left side, I had to draw the stem in the midle of the page and I prefer to put the focal point on one third of my paper. :) Mia

I fully understand Mia and you are correct with your one third rule, that is the beauty of art individualism, still love the piece.

Lovely piece of work Mia. My only comment if i may and it is only minor, perhaps raise the bud stem slightly to take it away from the horizontal and position the bud and stem slightly higher. This would stop it being equidistant between the leaf and flower. Its a lovely piece of work. What paper do you use?

Perhaps raising the bud would solve the equidistance advice.

Thank you Malcolm and David. Yes, David, I can see it but I didn't notice it until now. The distances are equal in my painting but I followed the reality because the distances are like that on the flower. Advice to myself: to lean back now and then and observe my work in an objective and critical way! The paper is Bockingford NOT 300g.

Many thanks, David.

Thank you very much Gudrun and Jennifer.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Day by day I can see the withered one disappearing and the rosebud opening more and more. Here is the 4th stage. Again I used a dip pen and calligraphy ink, then added the watercolour. What do you think? All comments very welcome :) Mia

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