I was going for a likeness, which affected things I think.

She is a pretty girl. And I like this new loose Marjorie...oooops

Lovely, loose work Marjorie. My favorite is her lips; she is no doubt a child but she's got this: I need to be serious now look. I don't know if she posed for you but it this looks that this was painted from life.

Really lovely, Majorie.

Really lovely Marjorie.

Lovely, Marjorie, you're loose style is really good, I keep trying, with no luck.🤔

Another lovely child-catch Marjorie. Great work. Very effective loose painting and confident brush work.

Charming, and all the more impressive that you did it without any under drawing. The hair and the rosy cheeks are fab.

Impressive work, Marjorie, especially with you going straight in without any mechanical drawing to guide you. Loose but delightful painting. Brian

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I think watercolours are one of the hardest media, my hat goes off to the many who use them on the site. It's nice to try them again, I think I'll persevere but I need to buy some tubes, all I have left are a mix of pans and half pans.

Clara looks beautiful Marjorie, so pretty!

Good effect - lovely, Marjorie

Lovely portrait with such natural strokes, colours and composition.

Doesn't watercolour just lend itself to children's portraits?. I think so and this is the proof. Smashing work Marjorie.

Lovely relaxed work... well handled.

Nice work, Marjorie.

Very delicately done. Lovely skin tones. Beautiful!

Its a lovely picture Marjorie, very soft and subtle. I think the best way to use watercolour, or inks is to 'draw' with them rather than paint. Let the lines build up and overlap to build up the image, use washes after maybe to unify areas.

This is delightful, Marjorie. I love the loose style, she looks a bit like her nana/granny.

Thanks again everyone, can't wait to start again.

This is lovely Marjorie, it's do soft and delicate it looks like going straight in has payed off 😀

She's gorgeous! SO well painted

So pretty Marjorie charming painting.

Lovely soft portrait, Marjorie.

Gudrun, Linda,Thalia, Carole, Dawn - thankyou for those kind comments. No painting today, gardening had to be done. Frustrated!

Beautifully painted, she looks a lovely little girl.

She's a strong little character. Thanks Sandra.

Hang on Studio Wall

Straight in with watercolour on a nice pad, St Cuthbert's Mill. I'm aiming for looser so will be practising.

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