Afternoon light


I like this a lot Marjorie, the hint of light coming through the window and causing the shadows is excellent.

Not finished? I would consider it finished enough to hang on my wall Marjorie, it’s fabulous, especially the light on the leaves on the left. Gorgeous!

Superb - love the way you have dealt with the rays of light.

This has a mysterious quality to it Marjorie, with the way you have portrayed the light coming through the window. Miss Faversham comes to mind, maybe?

This is just wonderful Marjorie, I love everything about it.

You have caught the light beautifully Marjorie.

Stunning. Love it.

This is lovely, it looks finished to me

It’s a bit rough around the edges but I’m glad you like the idea. It’s a “ pre painting” I think. Thanks , all of you for the lovely comments. Dickene’ old lady, Katy, I associate her with dust and cobwebs….but I think I know what you mean, you see the dust floating around in the light, certainly in my house you do……of course it’s pastel dust!

You always get that lovely light shining through.

Such a superb painting with your lovely lights and shadow, Marjorie!

Thank you Sylvia and Manoj.

I think it's brilliant Marjorie. I love the light pouring through the window, the textures remind me of net curtains and how you've depicted the light on those leaves is a superb touch.

Thanks Russell, I never thought of net curtains…I can see them! Looking at the whole thing now I can see how I can push it further, I think I want the light to splash around a bit more.

Splendid Marjorie a real touch of class absolutely stunning.

This captures the light beautifully Marjorie. The colours are perfect. I particularly like the vague abstract feel at the top left hand corner.

Masterful light in this, Marjorie!

Looks perfect to me - what a wonderful pastel, everything about it is top notch

Fabulous Marjorie , you have some wonderful textures in this. Your use of oil pastels are paying off.

This looks like it belongs on a wall, Marjorie! Love the variety in textures, shapes and lines, which really holds the viewer's eye.

Powerful indeed Marjorie! Great light!

You have to observe well to paint like this Marjorie, and you obviously do! I love the warm colours here and the light as has been said, is wonderful. Super work.

The light in this is beautiful Marjorie.

Thank you Chris, Dympna, Thalia, Heather, Carole, Seok, Alan, Tessa and Christine - as always, your encouragement is appreciated very much.

Beautiful light coming through.

Love how you’ve painted the sun rays and cobweb effects in the window Marjorie. I also admire the sunbeams dancing around the flowers. The mediums have complemented one another very well with your skilful use and I think there may be a broader place for the use of oil pastels.

Ellen and Carole, thanks for your great comments.

Love your use of colours, Marjorie - it all hangs together beautifully. You've such a wonderful touch with these oil pastels.

Lovely painting. Like the light on the leaves.

Thanks to the two Maureens - I’ve just started the painting version, so far it’s going ok….

Wow, that's stunning, beautiful light especially how you've caught it on the tips of the flowers and leaves.

Wow stunning love the purple and light coming through!

Great work Marjorie love the colours.

Val, Faye and Shaun, thank you for the comments!:)

I like the way the light filters through the image, its a lovely piece.

Thank you very much Paul.

Hang on Studio Wall

Not a polished result but an idea for a painting - acrylic purple base, oil pastels and a touch of trad oils.

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