Un bel ragazzo italiano

Un bel ragazzo italiano

Nicely done. I think this Italiano should be very happy with it :)

Thanks Ivan, there's nothing like getting side tracked!

Still a great portrait Marjorie.

I love the way he is examining the viewer marjorie. very well done.

Oh yes, the handsome Italian man. He will be well pleased with this Marjorie! :)

Lovely skin tones in this Marjorie, a great portrait.

Marjorie this is brilliant.

Lovely portrait Marjorie. Great hair and beard!

Very well done Marjorie. It could only be our Italiano :)

A marvellous portrait Marjorie, beautifully painted.

Fabulous Marjorie and great palette too.

Hi Marjorie, I don't know whether to be embarassed or flattered by this stunning portrait you wanted to do of myself. It is a great work and the likeness is astonishing. You have caught very well my person more than I ever did in my selfportraits. You have shown in this portrait a great skill. As for me it is amazing as it is and it could be finished. Unfortunately I'm no longer "un bel ragazzo". Thank you very much, Marjorie.

Fabulous work Marjorie! He has such a noble look! Well done you. More of these please.

Posted by T H on Wed 12 Oct 21:24:29

Bellissimo !! Really nice portrait, great job on the eyes,full of empathy.

Thankyou everyone for the lovely comments! And Cesare, we are all still young inside - glad you like it, I really enjoyed doing it.

Brilliant work Marjorie.

Mi piace! Super piece, Marjorie - great resemblance, and love the brushwork and palette!

Oh wow this is brilliant Marjorie, I can't believe you did this in an afternoon! Well done indeed, it would have taken me weeks!

Amazing work Marjorie! Bravo!

Thanks to Michael, Russell and Seok. Margaret, sometimes when you are in the mood, it is no effort - this was like that. However, I am doing a commission ( never again! ) and it is proving very difficult. Thanks too Fiona!

Very good! We all know who this is!

Hang on Studio Wall

Done quickly this afternoon when I should have been doing something else. As you can see it's not polished or finished properly, will come back to it. It's on MDF, oil.

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