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Love it Marjorie, so intimate...I can just imagine you at that easel, totally absorbed!

Turned out really well Marjorie.

A great set up you have there. Love the painting.

Very interesting to see your studio Marjorie. I like this painting very much.

Your painting room (studio) looks a terrific place to paint Marjorie, good light and room to stretch out. There are lots of angles, perspectives and proportions to get right here, and you have. I do love that red shirt!

This is so inviting. looks like a great place to create.

Well thanks for those nice comments everyone. My room isn't huge and the ceiling slopes at the sides of the window so I have to plan where easels go etc. But it's got character , it's at the top of an old house and there's a view of the river, it does have the feel of an old " garret", I only need the absinthe to complete the picture.

This is a classy painting Marjorie. I love the fact that you’ve included four other paintings in it. Very subtle colours and it’s just so personal and inviting. Lovely.

Absolutely superb Marjorie, I enjoy it more for the sneak preview we have had.

Thanks, Tessa and Paul - it didn't end up quite how I'd envisaged...

Looks a lovely little space Marjorie thanks for showing us.

Hi Carole, thankyou!

This is lovely, Marjorie :)

Excellent study Marjorie, well planned WIP.

Superb painting

A Distinctly Marjorie Firth painting. As alway super colour blending.

I can't think of anything to add Marjorie but well done, it's a lovely painting

I really like this, tells a great story

Agree with all the comments. It looks like a very inspirational place to work from Marjorie.

Lovely painting Marjorie and looks a bit like my own set up.

Thanks again for all the comments!

Wow, Marjorie. This painting is so full of love. It's really beautiful.

Great Studio and like your painting of it, Marjorie

Thankyou, Dawn and Maureen.

Ah the setting for so many masterpieces Marjorie

Hang on Studio Wall

Alkyd oils on gesso covered mountboard. 38cmx47cm

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