Under the Plough

Under the Plough

Lovely painting Malcolm with a wonderful sky lovely

Thanks Dennis much appreciated and please note! Not a mountain in sight 🤔 !

Nice painting, Malcom.

Thanks for taking the time to look and I appreciate your comment Cesare.

The sky is just right Malcolm and the touches of light on the trees. But you'll be having withdrawal symptoms soon, mark my words.

Thank you very much for those observations Marjorie , withdrawal symptoms ! Blast, you noticed the signs of the shakes already then 😩⛈

WOT? No mountians Malcolm???? I hope you've had a lie down!lol However, it's a smasher......great sky, distant trees and I love the rutted farm land.

Thanks so much for that Fiona, I know, it was hard no mountains, even though it is still countryside, I am trying to follow all of you that I regularly follow who all seem to tackle other things. OK I will probably have a meltdown at some point, but your comments are much appreciated.

Don't know how you resisted

Caught the atmosphere here all right Malcolm lovely painting , well done.

Thanks very much Dennis much appreciated .

Dramatic effects Malcolm , nicely done

Thanks very much for that comment Pat, appreciate that, when the warp land is wet, because it is already a deep brown it becomes a magical colour.

A change from snowy mountains to arable land, Malcolm. I feel much warmer looking at this one! Lovely sky and warm earthy colours . Very calm scene and I love it.

Thanks for that Jennifer, yes it it a different area for me.

Hang on Studio Wall

This painting is based on some of my local fields, all of the land around me is arable and ranges from dark warp land that was drained ceturies ago to light sandy land. We still have somw woods and hedgerows unlike some areas that have the vast prarie type farming now.

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I have always loved the outdoors and have climbed and walked in various places in the world, after giving numerous slide shows and talks about my trips to raise money for charity, i realised the slides and photos did not do what i saw justice, so I decided to start trying to paint. I am self taught…

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