Studio Rhodies. Oil

Studio Rhodies. Oil

You couldn't ask for more Malcolm. What a beautiful garden, great colourful painting too. I like the sky .

Thank you very much for that Carole much appreciated.

Beautiful colour Malcolm

Thanks Dennis your comments always appreciated.

Malcolm, your description sounds like heaven to kind of heaven anyway! Your garden looks and sounds beautiful (I have a weakness for gardens) and your studio is perfectly placed for lots of inspiring subjects. It's a really delightful painting.

Thank you very much for that Fiona, yes I enjoy my garden it has taken many years and the garden has gradually evolved to its current form with the intention always being to have part of the country in my back garden so to speak. I am lucky that in my young days I did train in horticulture, but I also as a young lad I got to know a number of very good gardeners who had never read a garden book in their lives but knew more about gardening than most professionals now, they either worked at some of the big houses or their fathers had done and they learnt by getting their hands dirty and doing. Anyway thanks very much for your comments much appreciated. End of my rambling on, honest. 🙄

I'll be moving into your place next week Malcolm! You have got some super textures going on here. I don't think I would be able to work in your studio with all this going on outside.

Adele, believe me, I find it difficult to concentrate at times but because most of my work is about the mountains and wild country I have traveled in it seems to help me get in the right frame of mind being close to nature so to speak, thanks so much for your lovely comments much appreciated.

Looks really lovely Malcolm, beautiful soft colours. I just wish that my garden would look like that!

Thanks Satu much appreciated, the garden has taken many years to reach maturity but it has been worth the work and wait.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is an impresionistic view of the pathway down my garden towards my studio at the bottom of the garden, the paths go through Rhodedendron beds that are in flower as well as Clematis, Wegilia and various other plants, the studio is on a small courtyard at the bottom of the garden surrounded by all these shrubs, water cascades small ones and of course the birds singing, what more could you ask.

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I have always loved the outdoors and have climbed and walked in various places in the world, after giving numerous slide shows and talks about my trips to raise money for charity, i realised the slides and photos did not do what i saw justice, so I decided to start trying to paint. I am self taught…

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