Final Journey pen and wash sketch

Final Journey pen and wash sketch

Perfect subject Malcolm and lovely piece of drawing

Wonderful lively drawing....

Thank you Ruthy and Derek appreciate it.

Truly beautiful Malcolm :)

Nice sketch Malcolm and nice subject well done.

Thank you Maria and both Dennis's much appreciated

Uncompromising and raw and this is what you have captured. Sad story Malcolm, but Iike you, I also believe that nature demands a price for what we take.

Thank you very much Fiona, it's reassuring to know others think the same way and do not take our world for granted.

Looks very cold bleak and hard trekking. Sad site too with the graves Malcolm. Yes you must have to have your wits about you to climb these formidable mountains.

Yes it can be hard Carole and definitely very cold and also very hot. As for having your wits about you it is all a matter of degrees, no matter what hills in what country's you are on , you always should be aware of what is happening, you only need to look at the fatalities or serious injuries in Britain each year. But out there you cannot describe the vast emptiness and the raw grandeur of the place, it is worth all the discomforts that may come. And the graves, well they remind you just what sacrifices some of the local people make to help you fullfil your dreams and earn a living as well as the climbers who do not come back. But despite one bad experience myself I still did a number of trips out there, it gets in your soul. Sorry that was me rambling on, I did write a book about the bad time but never published it.

Oh you should Malcolm! You seem to have had a lot of experience in this field (or should I say mountains)!

Thank you for saying so Carole, but like everyone, there is always a dream we have that remains just that .

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This sketch is from a trip I did out to the mountain K2 in the Karacoram mountains. On the way in on the Baltoro Glacier there is a spot called Urducus where you come up off the glacier to camp for the night, there is nothing there but some flat spots off the ice. When you set off the next morning you walk past a sad sight, this is the sight of the graves of three Balti porters who are buried on a little promentary at the side of the track and beyound them is the vastness of the Baltoro and then the mountains. At the time we were there, there was a scattering of alpine flowers growing around the area which seemed to soften the sight, but it brings home the fact, that the mountains will ask a price at some point. I belive you can never conquer a mountain or a wilderness, they grant you the privalige of being there for a short time and we should respect that.

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