Wool and Wire . pen and coloured pencil

Wool and Wire . pen and coloured pencil

I like this a lot Malcolm :)

Thanks Maria and Dennis, appreciated.

Delightful - we have sheep wool all around the fences where I live (my dog tries to eat it!). Love your very spiky barbed wire.

Thank you for that Thea, I know what you mean about your dog, when my dog Misty was still with us he was the same, even though he was trained to stay away from sheep.

I know this type of scene very well Malcolm, in fact saw much if it today. My two daughters and I had a great walk this am very hilly and many sheep which were very tempting for our two border collies :)

Ps. Forgot to say, I like your drawing especially the detailed barbed wire great job.

Thanks Carole, my dog Misty was a Border Collie and he was always on the mountains in this country with me, he always went on holiday with me .

A painting of two elements Malcolm, the harsh and the soft. There are lots of this example in the countryside, especially among the wildlife.....which you will have witnessed on your many travels I'm sure. Great depiction of the barbed wire.

Thanks Fiona, I have also posted details of the Sutherland cottage on my blog.

Hang on Studio Wall

This little sketch was done from a section of fence from near were I live and it was just the way a lump of old sheeps fleece can hide a cruel barb of wire.

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