lilies 4

lilies 4

Must be your lily phase and lets hope it continues - another smasher Louis

Thank you Michael. I do tend to concentrate on a particular subject until I get bored with it or as will happen here, until the flowers droop! This one took about half an hour (no time to get bored) and the looseness can be explained by the fact that I didn't pencil in the flowers, just got stuck in with the liner pen and used left over paint from yesterday's palette. Had it gone wrong, it didn't matter, it's really just experimental and a bit of fun.

This is my favourite in your lily phase !! that's what it's all about experimentation.

Agree with everyone, this is indeed a lovely sharply rendered work, well done Louise

Hi Louise, number 2 is my favorite and then comes number 3 or 4, can't decide. They are all very good and lovely to look at!

I have a big bunch of lilies sitting looking beautiful. This lovely painting has given me some inspire.

Thank you Valerie, Ros P, Satu and Sylvia for your comments as always appreciated!

You're a marvel as I lose the will to live if I have to paint the same thing twice. You manage to bring a freshness and different perspective with every version you do. Great design and I can see that the lillies are evolving. Bet you could do another 10 in the series (if the lillies didn't die first lol!) Well done!

Thanks Glennis and Thea!

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This morning's lily painting! 14 in x 13 in.

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