Not on the beach!

Not on the beach!

While some were sunning themselves on the beach yesterday, this is how it was in the north west!

Aww Louise sorry about that,,,,, at least we had a lovely sunny walk with the dogs;)<br />Even on a wet day you have given them colour and variety although the kids look cheesed off! (They would rather be on the beach I think) :)

Funny, quirky, lots of fun! Typical determined Brits on holiday!

Lovely work Louise, bright and cheerful despite the rain!

Just had an alert from POL telling me you had posted an image as I had ticked the &#39;follow&#39; option., so that works well too. We&#39;re anticipating another glorious day here in Lyme Regis I feel for you in the North West! Great depiction of a rainy day scene, love it!

Lovely as always Louise. I love the north west.

Another jolly work - we had sun in the midlands and again today - so far!!

loving the style x

Yes, this is more like it Louise!! Although it&#39;s sunny here today, but still not beach weather. Love the colourful brolly&#39;s!

They all look quite angry don&#39;t they? I like to think we Northerners have a sense of humour which we certainly need Thank you Carole, Stephen, Glennis, Christine, Kal, Michael, James and Fiona, comments appreciated.

A lovely vibrant piece, Louise, so full of joie de vivre!

Yep - that&#39;s more like the weather in my neck of the woods - even down to having the umbrellas and dragging disgruntled children in my wake. I think this is spot on and a super sketch.

A really great sketch Louise! Two of the children have lost their shoes and jackets but perhaps they don&#39;t feel the cold.

Comments appreciated Dennis, Seok, Thea and Satu, many thanks. Satu, that&#39;s probably why the lady in blue looks so cross, she&#39;s asking them where the hell are their shoes and jackets! I hadn&#39;t

What&#39;s not on the beach? Rain, Umbrellas or people. Super drawing and colours Louise.

Many thanks Derek and Gudrun. In the South yesterday Derek some lucky people were apparently on the beach soaking up the sun. Not so here. 11 degrees max and not exactly beach weather!

Lovely free sketching.. as are the others. .

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