I like the degree of abstraction in this painting

And the colours are lovely together, Louise.

Nice feeling of movement there, Louise

Beautiful painting Louise, delicate colours and lovely composition

Thanks, Crispian, Jane, Harry and Petra!

I have been following this series of paintings for a while now and you never cease to amaze me how you can change things around and bring a new freshness to every painting. This one is very simplified and feels peaceful and calming to me. Wonderful blend of warm and cool colours which gives the painting such balance. The black marks give nice definition to areas of the painting and draw your attention there. Another wonderful painting, Louise - I do like it a lot.

How do you keep thinking up new projects that look so fresh and are always excellent.

Many thanks Thea and Sarah. Thea, as always a thoughtful comment and to Sarah, I feel that they're sometimes actually variations on a theme! The bridge and cottages usually feature! More a change of colour scheme I feel! Thank you so much for your kind comments!

I agree with ALL the above comments. I saw this painting early in the afternoon, didn't have the time to post a comment.... And look now: so many commented already. There is nothing left for me to add that hasn't been said before. So I say this .... stunning!

Very clever how you keep to the same theme but they all turn out so differently!

Hi Louise I really love all your work. I've just had a look at all your portfolios, don't know how you find the time to paint so many great and varied paintings. I feel however this ones a bit empty in the the right bottom corner, Sorry! hope you don't mind me saying, maybe its just after looking at all your others which are quit full.

Posted by K 0 on Mon 04 Jul 19:49:18

What a lovely palette!

Thank you Kevin and Lesley. Kevin, these aren't all new paintings infact only my family had seen this one up until now. You're absolutely right about the empty right hand side. This painting was a reject and I'm afraid that I cropped it, rather badly as it happens to fit inside a spare mount that I had. There was a lot more on the left hand side (more empty space!), but it was at least origionally balanced! I was going to bin it but my daughter saw it and said that she liked it so I put it on here to see if I had much feedback! All good comments, then along you came and you'd noticed! It is badly balanced, you're right. Now I feel a bit of a twit for cropping it so badly. Too late to go back, I cut it!

Sorry Louise! If I hadn't just been looking thro your portfolios I probably wouldn't have noticed, its not bad, certainly not a reject, ( I wish my rejects looked half as good, ), just wasn't as good as all your others, glad you didn't bin it tho and that your daughter likes it. Re. your clingfilm, yes experimental techniques can be a bit messy, and can be very hit and miss, look forward to seeing them tho. I might post one of my rejects tomorrow, so you can have a good laugh.

Posted by K 0 on Mon 04 Jul 21:45:49

I just like your choice of colours. Louise.

Thanks Eaves! so do I !! Kevin, that's ok, again, you're right, it's not bad but not too good either! Average I'd say and beyond repair! (it did look better full size) It'll be pushed back again into the drawer with quite a few others! I'm definately going to have another go at this type of painting now though, when I've mastered that clingfilm, I wont be posting todays effort though! Thanks again! (I'll try not to laugh too much at your reject if you post it, probably I'll like it!)

Beautiful work. Calm yet full of energy..... you have such talent and imagination; bravo.

Thanks Avril, what a nice thing to say. "Calm yet full of energy" . I wish that I was like that! I'm more stressed yet full of lethargy :) :)

I like this more minimalist type Louise.

Thanks Carole, after all this encouraging feedback I'll try another!

Surreal, yet also comfortingly familiar. It's a very vibrant painting.

Well done you - another top ten and you've knocked me off my perch too - double whammy!!

Many congratulations Louise for your top ten, well done

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