Two-liner abstract

Two-liner abstract

Louise it’s brilliant!! Honestly, using his method has created geometric shapes and lines and gives that feeling of animation. Can’t wait to see the next one! Definitely a Vaughan style, but better.

Yes it gives more movement Louise. You've started something there Fiona! ;)

Well it was fun to do Fiona and now I'll have to try another but spend a little more time and care. As you can tell, this was very rushed. It was late last night but after seeing yours, the idea was in my head and I had to try or wouldn't have been able to

Yes Carole, she has and I've gone off her...LOL

Lol.....I didn’t want to cause you sleepless nights Louise but I’m exactly the same, if I have an idea I have to get it out of my system! The trouble is, I have that many ideas I can’t do them all straight away. Getting more mature helps though because when I get up to half a dozen ideas I forget the me a bit of breathing space! I meant to say in my original comment “using this method”. I might have another go but add some blocks of colour as you have.

I think we are seeing double trouble with the girls!! Lol.

Again typical 'Louise'-girls. Well done.

Thanks Margaret, Mia and Dennis. I have to try this again now :)

Well done Louise, I can't even imagine being able to do that.

This looks great Louise - almost a modern stained glass effect.

Thanks Sandra. Fiona taped two pencils together and I did the same but with brushes. Thanks as well Margaret :)

Looks like fun Louise. Well done. I once tied a few coloured pencils together. The result went into the recycling bin pretty rapidly. (-:

Honestly Jim, these past few days, I've tried the one-liners, blind and upside down. Now I'm taping brushes together but at least I'm the right way

Hang on Studio Wall

After seeing Fiona's Keith Vaughan style pencil sketch and reading that she actually tied two pencils together to achieve a 'ghost line' to her figures, I had to try something similar myself. No pencils though, I taped two paint brushes together....Well, it was late last night and very rushed but I might try again and see what happens :)

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