Giving it large!

Giving it large!

Wonderful portrayal of the smoky and packed atmosphere of a Northern club (I am reliably informed that Giving It Large is a Northern expression about having a full-on night out clubbing!). Everyone is on the dance floor and really going for it. A great painting, Louise, full of such energy and life. I love the shards of light that illuminate faces and and the contre jour effect you have achieved. I think you have really found your forte with this style of painting.

Absolutely superb, Louise! The way you depicted the movement is just excellent. A lovely piece!

Great movement and atmosphere, like the diagonal aspect.

Posted by K 0 on Wed 08 Jan 10:58:17

Thank you Thea, Seok and Kevin. 'Giving it large' is urban slang for acting cool at a night club. I do a good impression of someone 'giving it large' as well..LOL

This is fantastic Louise! Lively, well composed and fun!! Is that you in net stockings? Yes, I thought so!

So full of atmosphere and people enjoying themselves Louise! I just want to be there too:)

This is amazing Louise, you have painted these people in such a way that they almost look like individual cut out figures that could be moved around , super capturing of the sense of movement on the dancefloor and the interaction between the pairs amongst them as well, great use of the light around their heads and bodies as well, a really super painting that is great to look at there is so much going on in it x

Thank you Sarah and Ros for your kind comments and LOL Satu, you're more likely to find me asleep on the settee!

This certainly conveys the feeling of a busy, bustling night club Louise, or so I imagine, as I am far too old to venture into one these days! Full of movement and atmosphere.

This really caught my eye Louise - great picture, full of life.

Thanks Christine, Sylvia and Val!

Great atmosphere you've captured Louise!

Lots of atmosphere, Louise

I could do with a few nights of 'giving it large', get rid of the extra few pounds I seen to have accumulated!

"Giving it laldy " is the phrase they'd use here in Scotland I think, but being English in what might become a foreign land next year I'm not 100% sure:) They certainly look as though they are having fun whatever it is they are doing.

Thank you Debs, Jenny, Fiona and Val for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. Val, you won't be 'giving it laldy' over the weekend then? Me? I'm asleep by 10pm.. LOL

Cool painting Louise, I love the woman on the right with the fish net tights - on a serious note this is an extremely complicated scene and one that not many would dare attempt. Great stuff.

Thank you Joseph. To be honest I didn't plan this painting and it didn't feel complicated to paint. As usually happens once I picked up the brush, it just evolved from an initial sketch of some figures. No drawing, straight in with the brush. I'm never really sure how something like this will turn out as it's just a made up scene which suddenly looked to me like a crowded club. Painting is a bit of a journey isn't it. I've an idea for another one now with perhaps more colour and more of the fishnet tights..That's what I like about this site, comments such as these give me encouragement.

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