Three men on bikes!

Three men on bikes!

Wonderful Louise, it!s so expressive, and bold. I don't know how I'd get on drawing with a rigger but may have to give it a go!

Thank you Christine. I mixed up quite a bit of dark paint and used the rigger as I did the pen. It isn't one continuous line, but the 'looseness' is there, probably the result of experimenting with the one liners. The bikes are odd shapes but that doesn't seem to matter. To me anyway..LOL

It's a step further than the one-liner Louise and, for me, has made me realise that drawings don't have to be absolutely accurate to work! I normally only use my rigger for putting in fine detail, I will have to re think!

I love this one too Louise! It's different but oh, so good!!

Unbelievable that you have managed to produce such a super sketch using just a rigger. It is just perfect with all the looseness and expressiveness that makes it a joy to view.

Thank you Satu and Thea. I think that drawing with a fine brush isn't that different from using the pen. The fine rigger works for me because it holds plenty of paint and makes for an uneven, lively line. I added the washes while my dark lines were still mostly wet which formed the colour runs. The legless chap on the right looks as though he has a pointy moustache. He wasn't meant to, I mis judged his jaw line. This meant either a pea head or facial hair....LOL . It was fun to do.

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No pre drawing, straight in with a rigger.

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