John's Idea!

John's Idea!

What a success Louise. Beautiful.

Well suggested John.....this lovely.

Oh, I love this Louise! I might even be tempted to give it a go!

Thanks Michael, Sylvia and Christine. Try it, it took about ten minutes. Full instructions are on John Inkson's latest posting. It was his idea :)

Beautiful experiment successful, Louise.

I really love this picture so I thought that I would check out other work by yourself. What a selection! And there is little that fails to please me. I guess that it's the colours and the non photographic style that really gives me a buzz! Repeat - I love it!

Great success Louise, might try it.

Many thanks John, Cesare, Denis and Carole. That's very kind of you Denis and give it a go Carole :)

Wow it's come out really well, a beautiful boquet!

Those extra touches of yours make it too Louise.

Many thanks Kirstie and Marjorie!

What a result Louise. I've just read John's instructions will have a go shortly when I get a moment. I wonder if I will see bridges?lol

Really lovely Louise ;-)

I think that you probably will Fiona especially if I remind you. Lol. Thank you and thank you Donna !

just great - must get the paints out.

Thanks Michael, you wont know unless you try. A bit of fun as well, a break from the more serious stuff :)

Hang on Studio Wall

After following John's instructions, I splashed watercolour on the paper and while still wet. pressed more paper on top. Once the paper was peeled back I could only see flowers, probably because of my colour choice! Good fun. Thanks John for the idea.

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